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Conservatoire de La Cage Aux Folles

My client for this project has a flair for finding the unusual and when she approached me with the inspiration for her conservatory I was somewhat bemused to be presented with an image of a cage adorned with stuffed exotic birds!

The concept unfolded as you see it in the images below. The room is formed into two spaces: the dining area features a wall of super-wide wallpaper by Timorous Beasties with an option of 'Tropical, Tropical Black' or 'Tropical Clouded Leopard'. The living end of the room is filled with tall palms, orchids and blue & white Chinese pottery; furniture is relaxed in white linen with cushions in green velvet and Timorous Beasties fabric. Various exotic birds are dotted about the greenery watching every move of the human inhabitants. 


Lighting for the room consists of a stunning 5 arm spider lamp by Serge Mouille, a Sphere Lamp by Michael Verheyden and genuine Art Deco wall sconces sourced from Munich.

I simply cannot wait to see this space built!

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