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My Design Process

An journey in 3D visualisation

Stage 1

The initial consultation

I will meet with you to discuss your requirements, clarify the brief and establish your needs and objectives. Also up for discussion will be the use of the space, along with requirements for furniture, longevity and practicality. I will document the room/space by taking measurements and carrying out a photographic survey. We will also discuss the important subject of budget and time frame.

Stage 2

A rigorous design process in 3D

"The purpose of the design phase of a project is there to save you money"

~ Kevin McCloud

The statement above speaks volumes, as is so often the case this important stage of the design process is curtailed leading to expensive ramifications further down the track. My design process is rigorous and thorough; I work almost exclusively in the 3D world, where I bring together my ideas providing my clients with an instant snapshot of how a concept will look. The concept will be finalised at the end of this process and we will then proceed to the next phase.

Stage 3

Comprehensive design documentation

Once the concept has been finalised and approved by you the client, the next stage is to document the project. This will include finalising materials selection and production of a materials finishes board, along with complete CAD drawings including plans and elevations of the design together with a detailed specification. Obtaining quotations from suppliers will also be procured at this stage together with an assessment as to whether it is necessary to seek building approval for your project, where all permissions and permits necessary will be obtained.

Stage 4

Bringing the project to fruition

Perhaps the most exciting part of the process is seeing the concept brought to reality. I can provide a project management service to see through the execution of the build phase. This will include the organising of contractors, delivery of materials and furniture to site and on site supervision and reporting. 

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