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Objet Of My Desire

The client for this design project wanted a shop that was brimming with Objet D'art that included an area dedicated to floor and ceiling lights and lamps. I immediately drew inspiration from the renowned chain of stores by Timothy Oulton who's shops are filled with the unusual, the quirky and the dramatic. To add mood and sophistication the walls are painted in dark hues allowing furniture and objet d'art to pop.

It was suggested that the features of this shop should be the light fittings themselves along with retaining the heritage fabric of the building; the areas of blown wall plaster, the cracked and crazed ornate cornices, the original concrete floors and the stunning timber framed windows and doors were all retained and sit perfectly with the cutting edge funky light fittings and unusual pieces.

The shop includes display cabinetry that can be easily moved around the store to suit the ever changing additional furniture pieces that the client adds to the floor stock for sale. Similarly, the wall display system - mounted on tracks - can also be moved and adjusted to allow for the constantly changing stock of art, furniture and objet d'art that the client sources.

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