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The Collingwood Office

Located in the middle of Collingwood was this warehouse waiting for someone to love it. A growing Melbourne based advertising company approached me with the idea of converting the space into their new premises where they wanted to portray their relaxed working atmosphere and their funky approach to their projects. 

I was allowed an open cheque book budget and therefore could go mad with the design. The warehouse had some gorgeous original crittall windows that allowed considerable amounts of light into the space, but to ensure that the work space received its share of natural light glass partitioning was used along with the inclusion of an internal courtyard and light well that linked the kitchen and the work space together. 

The back wall of the warehouse was a blank canvas, so I brought in one of Kerry Browns beautiful wall paper murals to fill the space - and the beauty of its position is that it can be seen from virtually every corner of office space.

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