The Rozelle Kitchen

This project was initially penned in 2017, but a myriad of problems got in the way that delayed the finalisation of this fabulous kitchen project. To add to our woes Covid 19 seamed likely to completely kibosh the project, but I'm happy to say that it wasn't to be the case, and despite the lockdowns work started and continued on this kitchen and it is now complete.

It was very important to retain the period features of the existing weatherboard cottage whilst presenting a contemporary feel that is prominent throughout the rest of my clients home. The neutral pallet is complemented by honey coloured furniture and a beautifully polished and stained existing timber floor.

Making use of the existing appliances was key to helping to keep the budgetary restraints under control, especially as they were all less than a year old - it's always better to reuse than to throw away. 

The tired old kitchen
The concept realised
A kitchen for living in
More of the befores....
The period features of the house have been retained
Beautifully polished timber floors completement this neutral pallet perfectly
The existing appliance were kept and incorporated into the new kitchen
Glass display cabinets are a characteristic you'll see in most of my kitchen designs
It was important to keep my clients existing furniture.
An appliance hub sits comfortably in an otherwise awkward corner
Wherever I can, I will conceal appliances. Te microwave is hidden from view in a matching hutch adja
My client was keen to maintain symmetry
Beautiful Smartstone benchtops and splashback
Cool and just so wonderful to touch.... you cannot help but run your hands across the Smartstone ben
Tap, sink and window alignment was essential
Details, details, details.... It was important to keep the fabric of the house intact.
Order from chaos.... neat and tidy drawers now abound.
Replacing the existing class doors with fully opening bifolds was probably the wisest decision made
The kitchen now presents to the garden and courtyard as a seamless room
The status before a better solution was found
A space to enjoy and love
Me and a very happy client!