The Wagga Wagga challenge

When a house is completely wrong in terms of its layout, drastic measures are sometimes called for. The owners of this home in Wagga Wagga have a beautiful back garden with an outdoor seating area and swimming pool. Yet the only access to it is via a single door way through the laundry of the existing house.

The plan is to change all of that and bring the living area and outdoor entertainment together as one. This involves taking the current master bedroom and converting it into part of the existing kitchen dining area. A new master bedroom wing, along with a 3 car garage will be built at the opposite end of the property. I am working in collaboration with the Architect to achieve the best possible arrangement and finishes for the client.

My latest task has been to design the kitchen. This unique design  brings together a collection of earthy toned materials accentuated by a bold dark grey frame. The results will be truly stunning - I cant wait to see this kitchen built and installed.