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The Artist Studio Conversion

Located in a forgotten enclave of Katoomba, in the corner of a garden of an imposing weatherboard house, was a disused artist’s studio. The timber weatherboard structure had never been fully completed by the previous owners, and it was now being used as a glorified workshop and storage facility for building materials, plus a home for a nest of some very unwelcome European wasps.

I was tasked with the job of converting the space into a luxurious one-bedroom residence.

The images here include rendered images of the space plus photographs of the finished project. There were certain prerequisites for the space including a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and  lounge, but also of importance to consider were the ‘nice to haves’, such as an open fire, a spa bath and a laundry. And all of this in a space that has a floor area of only 42m². Impossible you might think? Well… actually, no.


Please head to the blog section for more on the transformation of this space

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