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The Gazebo Elizabeth Bay - Retro Restyle

The Gazebo has been an iconic part of the Elizabeth Bay area for over 50 years; originally built as a hotel, it was converted to residential use in 2005. Located on the 10th floor, 1004 is a very spacious luxury one bedroom apartment commanding impressive views over the city skyline. The space has been styled in accordance with the clients passion for everything that is retro and mid century. Some pieces are original including the Anna Castelli tub storage unit, the Eileen Gray side table, the Jorgen Kastholm light fittings, the bespoke Terrazzo coffee table, the Chiswell sideboard and the Parker bedsides. All remaining furnishing were purchased through Matt Blatt and Chicicat in Melbourne.

There is more information about this project in the blog section of this website.

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